Daddy, Mummy, You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

Daddy, Mummy, You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

Every adult was a child. We learn we grow, we develop differently and eventually live in this world with our own survival skills. We have our own insecurities, fear, worries and pain along with our growth. All these challenges make us vulnerable, and yet strong enough to protect our children. Then, here we are, being a parent with all these hidden scars.

What happens next? Your children are born with an abundance of love and happiness. However, you are afraid that they will eventually lose the ability to be happy. Thus, you start to plan and “take care” of them by protecting them from all risks and challenges. You protected them with all you can, just to make sure that they are safe with you.

Dear parents, children have the innate desire to grow with independence. They need life skills to grow beautifully and happily. When you thought that everything you are doing is the root you love your children, the reality is actually because of your insecurity and fear which makes you want to protect them from inside out.

You have done your best. You have been providing them with physical and mental needs while struggling to heal yourself. You are doing your best and your children appreciate you sincerely. Your children love you for who you are and you don’t have to be perfect, you just need to BE HAPPY.

Be Happy with your own skin, and your children learn confidence from you. Be Happy with all the little things around you, and your children learn to be grateful. Be Happy even when there is no reason to be happy for, your children learn to face life with positivity. Let yourself flow with ease, and your children learn how to solve issues elegantly.

You will be surprised at how much you could give when you are happy.

That makes your children trust the world with love and care, at the same time having the confidence to be independent in all aspects of life.

Written by
Carven Chan
An Enthusiast about children and education