The Recipe of the “Sweetheart Respect Cupcake”

The Recipe of the “Sweetheart Respect Cupcake”


2 full cups of Acceptance

1 full cup of Kindness

2 full cups of Love and Care

3 tablespoons of Embrace

2 teaspoons of Politeness 

1 teaspoon of Generosity

Step-by-step guidelines:

  1. Measure 2 full cups of ACCEPTANCE for your sweetheart to build the faith that they are complete and beautiful as who he or she is.
  2. Pour the two full cups of ACCEPTANCE into your mixing bowl.
  3. Measure 1 full cup of KINDNESS by being specific on your praise to your sweetheart. For example, praise their effort working towards an activity rather than judging their final result of the activity, it is about the acknowledgement of the concentration and effort made during the process of an activity.
  4. Add 1 teaspoon of GENEROSITY by hugging and supporting your sweetheart with a positive attitude and affirmations.
  5. Measure and pour 3 tablespoons of EMBRACE essence to let your sweetheart has the flavour of uniqueness and self-esteem to love and connect with you.
  6. Measure 2 full cups of LOVE AND CARE and pour into the mixture gradually by gently whisking the mixture.
  7. Let your sweetheart feels that your care by remembering their interests, what they want and discuss what they need. 
  8. Finally, add two tablespoons of POLITENESS for your sweethearts.
  9. Finally, keep the mixture fresh and enjoy the process of growth! 

Precautions: Make sure you set your measurement accurately by consistently observing your sweetheart’s needs, SET LIMIT if your sweetheart’s thought, speech or behaviour is causing harm under the overheating oven 😉 

Some studies on the raw ingredients:

  1. Acceptance: It is the essence of the recipe that makes you and your sweetheart accept everyone and everything around with observant mind and the birds-eye-view perspective.
  2. Kindness: It means to flow like water, nurturing whole-heartedly without expecting returns; and usually, you will get abundance without even realizing if you are kind to your sweetheart.
  3. Love and Care: It comes in many ways, but often adults overlooked this and make their sweetheart follows their own way. The right way is to discuss and tailor-make the way you love and care according to your sweetheart’s personality and thoughts.
  4. Embrace: This is another level beyond acceptance, you embrace by seeing the good and positive qualities in your sweethearts after accepting them as who they are. (Isn’t that great to do so!)
  5. Polite: Simple but important ingredient, the way you communicate reflects the atmosphere and bonding between you and your sweetheart. So, always keep calm and speak gently with respect. [Tips: Please, Sorry and Thank You are the flavours you can use to enhance with politeness] 😉

Enjoy the cupcake and also get to know how the ingredients make your baking process a successful one 🙂

Written by
Carven Chan
An Enthusiast about children and education