Choosing The Right Type Of School For Your Children

Choosing The Right Type Of School For Your Children

Once, a man went to the tailor to have a suit made👔. When the suit was ready, he went to try it on. However, it didn’t fit him at all. Complaining that the suit was too small in back, the right arm was slightly too long, one sided of the pant was too short and three buttons were missing, the man was really upset.😞

“No problem,” said the tailor, “just hunch your back, bend your arm, walk with a limp, and stick your fingers through the button holes and you’ll look just fine!”

The man contorted his body to fit the suit and feeling duped by the tailor, he left. Then, he was approached by a stranger on the street.

“Who made this suit for you? It is excellent!”😍asked the stranger.

Surprised, but pleased at the compliment, the man pointed out the tailor’s shop across the street.

Well, thank you very much,” said the stranger, hurrying off.🏃‍♂️💨

The stranger thought, “I must go to that tailor for my suit. He must be a genius to be able to make a suit that can fit a crippled person like him!” 🕴

Credit from: Visual Hunt

This is a funny story, but sadly, it often happens in our education.  In most of the education system, we usually force children to fit into the one-size-fit-all system. What often happens is that those children who don’t fit, get left behind, or drop out, and only a few succeed.💪

Nowadays, due to the options of educational institutions such as private schools, international schools, government schools, home schools, and Chinese independent schools, parents have a hard time to research and choose the right type of school for their children.

Think of why you send your children to school, or what things you look for when you choose a school for your children. Which one from the list below is closest to your motivation of what you thought was the purpose of getting a good education?🤔

The following are different purposes for education from parents whom I interviewed during a national conference.👇

✅ To give students a degree certification that can get them a good job❤️
✅ To gain knowledge
✅ To teach children discipline
✅ To teach good manners
✅ To teach children to have direction in life
✅ To be a good citizen
✅ To have a certificate and schooling from a ‘branded school’
✅ To have network (interesting, right?) 

Being in the educational field for a decade and also moving along with the ever changing education system in Malaysia, I am always glad to help parents to answer their concerns as to which types of secondary schools to send children to. Each having its pros and cons, I do not have a special preference but rather speak with regards to the specific child’s attitude, behavior, learning style and interest as well as the parent’s objective. Why parent’s objective? Normally, parents will set the expected learning outcome of their children according to their objective.

My usual initial question is “What is your objective for your child to go to school?”

I normally limit parents to answer only two major objectives. Few typical answers such as,

“I want them to have knowledge and the teachers’ quality are very important.”👍

“I just need a place where students can socialize and have a normal learning community and compound.”

“Of course to get good results and to be able to enroll into college and university to obtain a decent job.”💕

“Teach students good values and behaviors.”💚

“I have not heard of some of the schools’ name, better send them to famous and branded school.” (Deep in my heart, sure parents… your children will be in branded school comparing branded gadgets and cars too, unless children are nurtured to be humble and appreciative)

Few parents would say,

“I don’t mind the children’s academic results. As long as they can pass, it is enough. More importantly, are the friends they make. Networking is very important. Is good to know people and make friends. I have businesses across the globe. Nowadays, it is about who you know, not what you do.”

💡 As a conclusion, ask yourself what is the objective you want your children to meet in these years of formal education. That will ease you to clarify the type of school you were to enroll your children.

Written by
Dr. Elaine Loo <Love and Wisdom Parental Coach>

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Phd. in Educational Psychology and Curriculum Development
Author of Parenting Book <Prison Child>
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